About Francesca

Serving gourmet delights for you

From Francesca’s kitchen to yours, these homemade treats are her family’s favourites – and they’ll become yours too! Allow her to create true homemade delights for you – always in good taste!

Baking is the way Francesca shows her family and friends how much they mean to her. Whether it’s creating cookies for her granddaughters’ birthday parties, first communions or creating themed cookies for her daughter’s bridal shower, all her baked goods are handmade, with love.

You’ll find traditional Italian favourites as well as Francesca’s original creations here. Consider this an invitation to try all Francesca’s Home Baked Delights – you’ll experience truly extraordinary flavours…and become part of her extended family.

The Promise

Authentic, tasty and flavourful, freshly baked goods created in Francesca’s kitchen for your family and friends’ enjoyment. The promise is that you’ll keep coming back for more!


Always Fresh

Fresh ingredients are a must! Francesca wouldn’t prepare anything without fresh ingredients for her family… or for yours!


Totally Authentic

Francesca’s Home Baked Delights are derivatives of recipes passed down through generations and her very own creations. Authentic, original and full of goodness!


Made with Love

Straight out of Francesca’s kitchen comes baked goods that are wholesome and flavourful, created with love, for you to enjoy… in your home, for dinner, or at parties and events.